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Blockcare100 is a virtual managing agent. Yes, we’ve packed all the brains it takes to do property management right into one place.

It is so good we know you will want to tell others!  Get instant knowledge & support, you can upgrade to Blockcare300  later if you want us to run things for you

Get all the information you need in one place. Benefit from the expertise of a nationwide Managing Agent packaged for you in our resource centre. No longer do you need to be a qualified Property Manager, Solicitor or Accountant to manage a service charges.  Whatever BlockCare package you get the essential services at a budget price. And, you only pay for extra services when you need or want them.

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Yes, you get a virtual Managing Agent

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Full-time block management is expensive and in a small block (8 flats or less) it's often not worth the money. From £525 + vat per block, per year, we provide the essential services at a budget price. And, if you need extra help, YOU can pay for it when YOU need it.

Save time - Here's some of the tools to help run your block
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Sit back & get a 24/7 service from the professionals
  • Property inspections
  • Meetings attended
  • Budgets, prepared
  • Reserves, planned
  • Insurance arranged
  • Arrears collected
  • Risk & compliance managed
  • Repairs service
  • Tendering to contractors
  • Contracts negotiated
  • Leases interpreted
  • Gateway™ owners portal
  • Contracts and stuff dealt with

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If a web product is not for you and you want 24/7 management and the luxury of your own property manager then perhaps BlockCare 500 is for you

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Ringley property management with results you can see

We love buildings, but our true business is people that’s why our people know they really can make a difference, one owner at a time. We manage blocks of flats and apartment throughout the UK and will choose you a Relationship Manager to suit your needs. We lead the market in transparency and approach property as a business, focusing on risk, cash, repairs and place making, usually in that order.


At Ringley we’re not shy of hard work and believe our ability to get stuck in and find solutions sets us apart. We are innovative to the core and committed to implementing good ideas in pursuit of 5* service. Don’t take our word for it, ask our Clients.

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Being who we are would be impossible without our passionately committed people, whom we sponsor, support and empower to be the best they can be; as achieving a national training award and Silver IIP status confirms.

You get a dedicated team: 

Relationship Manager, Legal Officer, Final Accounts Officer and Facilities Manager so there are plenty of people who will know about your site.

24 hours a day: 

We are on call. Our emergency booklet is online as are the 24 hour insurance helplines

100% transparency: 

Invoices, bills paid, leaseholder statements, and much more…..

LeaseholdGuidance >>

LeaseholdGuidance is our jargon free website that explains the options available IF you want to take control and ‘run your block’.

You may be able to:

  • Buy the Freehold
  • Claim your Right to Manage
  • Or
  • Extend your lease

Right to Manage

The good news is that claiming your Right to Manage is a NO FAULT process, you just need to pass the “physical test”

You need to pass the physical test:

So long as you pass the ‘physical test’ then you need to set up a company and get 50% of owners to participate and get on your way to taking over from the Freeholder so you can manage the block yourselves and/or appoint an Agent of your choice.

Check out our Step by Step guide to Claiming your Right to Manage >
Buy the freehold

Buying the freehold is not too expensive if everyone wants to participate and leases have more than 80 years unexpired, as the more that join in the cheaper it is. However, it takes just 50% of owners and not more than 25% of the building in commercial use to qualify. The shorter leases become the greater the cost and if not all owners want to participate, those who do can receive income from future lease extensions.

Ringley Law can help you trace an absentee freeholder and manage negotiations and the Tribunal processes if required.

Check out our Step by Step guide to Buying the Freehold >
Got a short lease – need to extend it?

Leaseholders have a statutory right to claim a 90 year lease extension – it is cheaper if the lease has more than 80 years left and you can do so as long as you have owned the property for 2 years. If you are buying a short lease flat and want to avoid a 2 year wait Ringley Law can talk you through getting the seller to serve a Section 43 Notice so you inherit their right to claim a lease extension earlier.

Check out our Step by Step guide to Extending your Lease >