About BlockCare & Leaseholder Support.co.uk

Our vision:
a place where small developments get the same respect, expertise, tools and administration as big blocks, a FREE community for those who can't afford the luxury of a Managing Agent

Our mission:
to show that leaseholders and owners in small housing estates no longer need to pay too much for too little, to solve the pains of collecting service charge, dealing with the finances and legal papers, and, to provide them with professional advice on a pay-as-you-go basis when they need it because we believe that, IF you can manage you should.

Getting started with Blockcare100 is FREE.

Why come to us?

Running a block isn't easy, There's a lot to do, And it all takes time…  Whatever BlockCare package you get the essential services at a budget price. And, you only pay for extra services when you need or want them.

Unless you are a qualified Property Manager, Solicitor, Accountant, Chartered Surveyor or Engineer, then you’re probably. Our survey revealed that the biggest fears of owners struggling with property management werre paperwork, non payers, under-budgeting and unlicenced alterations.    With 35 new pieces of legislation* enacted since 2002, there is a lot to get to grips with!

paperwork problems

persistent non payers

worried about big bills

unauthorised alterations


BlockCare 100 is FREE - so why not start today.


Blockcare100 is a virtual managing agent. Yes, we’ve packed all the brains it takes to do property management right into one place. Leaseholdersupport.co.uk truly is the UK’s 1st online accountant and property manager.

  • Get FREE knowledge & tools NOW
  • Enjoy our online resource centre, knowledge base, factsheets and step-by-step guides
  • Get help with freehold purchase, lease extensions and claiming your Right to Manage
  • The FREE membership level gives you the knowledge and tools to do the job. What’s more if you cant find a step-by-step guide or factsheet on your property management issue our guarantee to you is that we’ll write one for FREE within 30 days.


BlockCare 300 - We do it for you Blockcare_300

Here's how it works:

  • You set the service charge budget and submit it to us,
  • We send out the demands,
  • We bank the money into a Client account for just your block
  • We collect the arrears,
  • You log on and tell us what bills to pay
  • We prepare the year end service charge accounts

Also we:

  • manage the property ownership registers
  • keep the company secretarial registers
  • deal with Companies House, the Inland Revenue, and
  • deal with legal paperwork when properties sell within the block
  • our online knowledge base, factsheets and step-by-step guides

And, if our 5 point debtchase procedures don’t deliver the cash, you get

  • NO WIN, NO FEE litigation on service charge arrears*


We took away...

...the items which can make property management unprofitable, ie; arranging contractors, site visits, evening meetings and providing unlimited contact time.

We put together...

... instant answers to over 130 property management issues, interactive tools, strategic decisions mapped out, step-by-step guides and research tools. We captured the surveying, accounting and legal expertise a healthy block needs then re-wrote this in plain English for flat owners everywhere.

Whose behind it at Ringley?

Mary-Anne Bowring - CEO Ringley Group

Mary-Anne was elected to Board of IRPM in 2007, has been involved in residential property management since 1990, is a qualified Building Engineer, Chartered Surveyor and member/governor of the Institute of Residential Property Management. Critically, Mary-Anne knew that whilst most property owners needed support, but would not know:

  • a product for small developments exists
  • the legal pitfalls
  • what is best practice


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*provided the money has been properly demanded in accordance with the lease.