Scared of big bills?

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Splitting the common parts electricity bill between the flats is probably not a big ordeal.

But getting your neighbours to appreciate the lease and pay towards redecorations or big works is not so easy. Getting them to understand you will be in breach of the lease if the decorates cycle lapses is harder still!

Adhoc service charges and poor future planning leave many small blocks in disrepair. There are Over 28 pages including newsletters and downloads written by our Engineers, Surveyors and Property Managers to help all Blockcare100 & Blockcare300 members get the other property owners on board.


The lease is just the beginning. Even if you have collected the money, depending on the size and/or nature of the decoration, roof repairs, window replacements etc, ... there is:

  • Section 20 Consultation procedures under the Landlord & Tenant Act (as amended),
  • Surveyors/Engineers to prepare the specification, tender and administer the works,
  • The Local Authority planning department to deal with if you want to double glaze windows & FENSA certification to obtain
  • Risk assessments prior to and during the works to be prepared.
  • Asbestos Management Regulations to clear (to ensure that you are not putting workers you employ at risk)
  • The CDM (Construction Design & Management Regulations) to deal with,
  • The need to appoint a Planning Supervisor,
  • The need to notify the Health & Safety Executive

Once you are confident of procedures & properly advised, if you are still stuck or want more, then because you are a Blockcare100 & Blockcare300 member you can always

  • Pay for extra help (only when you need it)
  • Book a conference with one of our specialist Solicitors, Property Managers, Building Engineers, Chartered Surveyors or Accountants
  • Instruct one or more of our network of Property Specialists to help

It’s easier to do property management right with support,

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