Can’t get money in?

We’ll demand and collect the service charges. Saves you chasing neighbours.

It can be embarrassing chasing a neighbour for service charges. It was fear No. 3 in our survey of flat owners struggling with property management.

It would be impossible to live in a flat without there being rules. When you buy a flat you promise to abide by the (rules) including paying service charges on time. Most leases say that service charges must be paid within 14 or 21 days of the due date. Good leases also allow for interest to be charged on service charge arrears too!

But still some property owners don’t pay on time. Or, waste your time waiting chasing them.'s Blockcare300 members not only know how to demand the service charges right, but also benefit from our 5 point FREE legal debtchase.

Unless you are a Qualified Property Manager or a Solicitor, people who don’t pay their service charges on time will probably cause you stress.

Firstly, because it is personal,

  • How could your neighbour do this to you?
  • Do they expect you to put your money in to keep the block running?
  • Do they think other bills are more important?

Secondly, you might not know the procedures for effective arrears collection

  • When can interest be added to arrears, what rate and how to calculate it
  • How to comply with the Civil Procedures Rules
  • What prescribed notes must be stated on every demand.
  • How do you resolve a service charge dispute, and
  • What do you do if someone says the charge is "unreasonable".

Thirdly, the bad payer might find technical fault with your demands, accounts etc… meaning that they have no legal obligation to pay at all. Did YOU

  • adhere to statutory consultation procedures for any big works
  • include the prescribed notes on the demand
  • state the service address of landlord
  • present service charge accounts to all leaseholders, and in time
  • demand it too late because of the 18 month rule
  • serve accounts late and now cannot collect the deficit
  • demand
  • polite reminder
  • final notice
  • pre-action letter to correspondence address
  • pre-action letter to the property