Paperwork a struggle?

We’ll take care of Companies House, Solicitors enquiries, banking and paying contractors.

To BlockCare members the property management world is no longer a minefield of paperwork, legislation and problems.

To our members is a sanctuary where the financial & legal admin of the Property Management world becomes clear. A place where leaseholders too can share the knowledge previously only qualified Property Managers, Solicitors, Accountants, Chartered Surveyors or Engineers knew. A place where property owners can find the solutions they need. Knowing what to do goes a long way towards removing the fears and stress of not knowing what to do, or how to do it. Put simply, we make property administration easy.

The luxury of a Managing Agent, if you find one you like, is an expensive luxury for small blocks of flats.


Unless you are a Qualified Property Manager, Solicitor or Accountant you may well be struggling with the paperwork necessary to keep your block of flats running. We agree the property management world is a minefield of paperwork, legislation and problems. In recent years it has become even more complex with 35 new pieces of legislation* since 2002. There certainly is a lot to get to grips with!


There’s the service charge budget, the demands, the banking, reminders, final notices, letters before action, letters when someone breaches their lease. BlockCare 300 members get help with all this.


There’s pitfalls to avoid if you want your demand to be worth the paper it is written on. BlockCare 300 members get help with all this.


If you are a Freehold Management Company, a Residents Management Company or a Right to Manage Company then each year you need to file an Annual Return at Companies House or risk getting your company struck off! BlockCare 300 members get help with all this.


There’s the nuisance neighbours, the professional non payers and the leaseholder who simply chooses not to understand the rules in the lease. BlockCare 100 & BlockCare 300members get help with all this.


There’s planning for the future, consultation procedures, specifications for decorations and big works, tenders to analyse, Local Authority planning considerations, risk assessments, Asbestos Management Regulations, Construction Design & Management Regulations, the Planning Supervisor role to fill and Health & Safety Executive to deal with. BlockCare 100, BlockCare 200 & BlockCare 300 members get help with all this.


If you thought you were exempt from Fire Risk Assessments think again. If your block of flats has common parts every year you must have assessed the fire risk and implemented priority No. 1 items. Fail to do so and you risk jail or imprisonment. BlockCare 300 members can download our simple checklist and we’ll remind you each year to review it!


As the “person in charge” of your block of flats you need to firstly know if there is asbestos in the block and if there is, be able to prove that you have managed the risk. Most properties don’t contain asbestos so 1 report to prove this will get you off the hook. BlockCare 100 & BlockCare 300 members get FREE advice on asbestos management.


There’s the service charge accounts, the company accounts, the annual return, the corporation tax return, the trust tax return. BlockCare 300 members get FREE Service Charge Accounts.


Its’ hard enough to remember to get the accounts done. It’s harder still if you don’t present the accounts to service charge payers within 6 months, did not know you should serve a Section 20B Notice if the accounts are late and then find out all hopes of collecting the accounting deficit or shortfall have gone!

We protect BlockCare 300 members from these pitfalls.


There’s the Solicitors enquiries when an owner wants to sell, the law society pre-contract questionnaires to be completed, the certificates of compliance, licence to assign, deed of covenants, stock transfer forms and share certificates to transfer. For BlockCare 300 members we take care of all this.

We calculate without systems, economies of scale and specialists skills in property management it takes about 40 hours each year to do the paperwork necessary to run a block of flats.

Our research shows that:

40 hours of your time: (if you’re earning say £20 per hour, that’s the equivalent of £800 per year)

An accountant to do the service charge accounts (if a small block of flats takes their bank statements and shoebox of receipts down to the local high street accountant - if they are willing to read your lease and are expert enough to produce Landlord and Tenant Act compliant accounts)An accountant to do the service charge accounts (if a small block of flats takes their bank statements and shoebox of receipts down to the local high street accountant - if they are willing to read your lease and are expert enough to produce Landlord and Tenant Act compliant accounts)

Buildings Insurance - without our £3.4 billion bulk buying power you may not get access to reasonable buildings insurance rates.

Bank charges – most banks will treat you as a business account and charge you, perhaps after 1 year free, with BlockCare you get your own Client account with no bank charges *as long as the account remains in credit


SAVE circa £800 per year

SAVE circa £350+Vat

SAVE up to 20% of the premium Save circa £70

With Blockcare300

from the first full year with us you save circa £350 as we compile the service charge accounts for FREE and FREE banking too. Whether

Blockcare100 & Blockcare300 suits you many blocks have saved up to 20% on their buildings insurance.

This all ads up to. We think switching to Blockcare300 could save you

Our vision is

a place where small blocks of flats get the same respect, expertise, tools and administration as big blocks, a FREE community resource for those who cant afford a Managing Agent

Our mission is

to show that small blocks of flats no longer need to pay too much for too little, to solve the pains of collecting service charge, dealing with the finances and legal papers.

So if you are feeling the pain, but didn’t know there was an alternative evaluate one of these.

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Also included in BlockCare 300
  • We manage the property ownership registers
  • We keep the company secretarial registers
  • We deal with Companies House
  • We deal with the Inland Revenue
  • We deal with legal paperwork when properties sell within the block
And, if our 5 point debtchase procedures don’t deliver the cash, you get
  • NO WIN, NO FEE litigation on service charge arrears*
And, you get a virtual Managing Agent
  • Our online resource centre 24/7, knowledge base, factsheets and step-by-step guides



*provided the money has been properly demanded in accordance with the lease.