Analyse My Lease

All BlockCare members have access to our legally trained professionals who can read and analyse your lease or transfer documents (for houses). A lease analysis costs £80 + Vat for BlockCare 100 members and is included in the £100 + vat set up fee for BlockCare 300 members.

There are   19 key clauses anybody managing property needs to know about.
  • Send us a PDF of your lease
  • Upload it on the members User Panel
  • We will bookmark the key clauses and report back to you.

Our bookmarking service relies on ADOBE ACROBAT READER. Once bookmarked you can hit on the topic you want and the computer will jump you straight to the relevant clause in your lease.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and read pdf documents...
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People breaking the rules?

Ringley Law, our Solicitors, have a routemap for all lease breaches and are specialists in property law. BlockCare members get access to talk to our Solicitors and of course it is easier to deal with problems when you are well advised.

Our survey revealed that the top 5 things that worried flat owners struggling with property management was neighbours who break or refuse to understand the rules of flat living. Arguably it would be impossible to live in a flat without their being rules (covenants in the lease). If you have a Freehold or Residents Management Company there may also be rules set out in the Memorandum & Articles of Association.


Noise & nuisance


Alterations without consent


People avoiding paying


Disregard for the rules


Leaks or lack of repair


Avoid the stress of not knowing what to do. Just by being a member, you can use our step-by-step guides and factsheets for FREE. Or, if you still need help you can book a conference with our experts on a pay-as you go basis. So with BlockCare 300 you no longer need to be a qualified Property Manager, Accountant, Solicitor or Chartered Surveyor to manage a block of flats.

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