Want cheaper insurance?

We’ll help you. We’ve got the buying power. For some blocks we have saved more than the cost of BlockCare 300.

Freehold Management Companies and Right to Manage Companies can choose who they buy buildings insurance from. Resident Management Companies often have to accept and pay the insurance the Freeholder puts in place - but can still challenge this by presenting an alternative quote.

Things to think about are:

  • Are you paying too much for your block insurance?
  • Could a Managing Agent buy it cheaper for you?
  • Are you insured for the right amount?

  • Tips on buildings insurance

  • We buy over £3.4 billion insurance each year!
  • BlockCare members can join the Ringley block buildings insurance policy
  • Many new leaseholdersupport.co.uk Clients saved up to 20% when they joined our block buildings insurance policy
  • You can pay the insurance monthly

  • Our survey revealed that No. 5 in the list of things that worried flat owners was insurance

    • Paying too much for insurance
    • Being under insured (and the insurer not paying out or capping claims)
    • Under insuring items in the common parts
    • Forgetting to insure boundaries and/or fences
    • Not knowing how or when to arrange an insurance valuation
    • The small print

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