Unusual Gift, Give Flatie

There’s nothing unusal about giving a gift that solves a problem for dad, your brother, the boyfriend or men in general, for mum, your sister, girlfriend or women in general. We expect you would agree that the best gift ideas as usually the one’s that you come to rely on and use again and again.

You may think that giving Flatie as a gift is a little unusual, but think again! Giving Flatie will help anyone who owns their flat. Probably buying a Flat is the most important or largest investment someone makes, so knowing about how it is managed which you can give for FREE is not to be sniffed at. If you want your gift to make a real difference then perhaps giving the Software to manage the block of flats could be a real problem solver.

If the someone special in mind lives in a small block of flats and is always moaning about their Managing Agent how about giving them Flatie’s BlockCare 300 solution, yes a Service Charge Administrator that costs between one third and half the cost of a Managing Agent.

Choose from one of the three gift levels below:
How much do you want to spend


Everyone knows someone who knows someone who lives in a flat

So why not GIFT Flatie’s knowledge & tools to them

If not knowing causes stress and if knowing is half way to doing then our FREE BlockCare 100 could be the answer

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Everyone who has a flat should have BlockCare 100. Ringley group one of London’s top 10 Managing Agents are giving it away for FREE.

BlockCare 100 is a FREE Property Manager’s toolbox, Step-by-step guides, experts to network with & pay as you go add on’s. BlockCare 100 is ideal for anyone who

  • lives in a flat or owns a flat,
  • knows someone who lives in or owns a flat,
  • is involved in property and "wants the knowledge"
  • owns the freehold of a block of flats

Why not GIFT Flatie’s Service Charge Administration package to run their block of flats

BlockCare 300 costs from £525+ Vat, if you are giving it as a present you only pay £400 + Vat.

It’s easy,

  • Personalise a e-gift card to go with the gift
  • Go pay the £400 + Vat
  • We deliver the e-gift card & certificate

CLICK to see full details of BlockCare 300


  • You set the budget and submit it to leaseholdersupport.co.uk,
  • We send out the demands and run the demand cycle,
  • We bank the money into a Client account for just your block
  • We collect the arrears,
  • You go onto leaseholdersupport.co.uk and tell us what bills to pay
  • We prepare the year end service charge accounts
Also included in BlockCare 300
  • We manage the property ownership registers
  • We keep the company secretarial registers
  • We deal with Companies House
  • We deal with the Inland Revenue
  • We deal with legal paperwork when properties sell within the block
And, if our 5 point debtchase procedures don’t deliver the cash, you get
  • NO WIN, NO FEE litigation on service charge arrears*